WEEK 5 Wildcard: Photographer’s Choice
Capture an image on your terms; who, what, where, when, why, how … it’s all up to you. Caveat: You must tell us your intent

The night before we had a super blue moon, but when I had time to take a photo of it, it just looked like a normal moon.
So the night after I went out and took more moon photos. This is the one which I like the most.

You can find another one on my instagram page.



WEEK 45 Artistic: Cold
Your inspiration this week is cold. Interpret this how you want.

This wasn’t what I planned to take when I left my home. I was planning to take a blue hour photo.
But when I reached the tree, it had started snowing more and the blue was gone and the sky was grey.
So I took my cold photo instead.



WEEK 36 Artistic: Low Key
Low Key is the opposite of High Key. Shoot an image where most of the tonal range is on left side of the histogram.

Yesterday evening I went to the 24 hours walk against cancer in my village.
Which is called samen loop voor hoop in Dutch.
Impressive, especially with all the lights along the walking path.
There was also this heart made of the same lights. I just had to take a photo of it.

Finally I could make a low key photo I wanted to put up for this challenge

Dogwood2017 Photochallenge week 1

The rule of thirds is the first compositional rule most photographers learn; but most don’t know why they learn it. The rule of thirds is amazing for telling a story. Tell a story using rule of thirds.


A new year a new photo challenge. This is the advanced challenge made by Dogwood. I did his challenge last year and like it a lot, So I wanted to do the new for 2017 too.

I love you to the moon and back is one of my fave stories. But there are so many stories with the moon starring in it. You can even make a story of your own about it….

If you want to join look on the Dogwood photography challenge for 2017 page

It is now on Flickr, so I opened a Flickr account and I am discovering it in the last days. Will put a link to my flickr account in the links section of this blog.


Week 50 Landscape: Often considered one of the hardest compositions to pull off, Symmetry.
Challenge yourself this week by shooting a symmetrical landscape/urbanscape.


The skinny bridge in Amsterdam with in the background the art called Nexus from the Amsterdam Light Festival.
It is representing the 180 cultures living in Amsterdam.
I know I should have placed that art in the middle of the bridge.
But can’t change that anymore now.


Week 42 Artistic: Minimalist
Isolate your subject using the minimalist approach. Inspire someone with your art.
Dale’s Hint: Minimalism isn’t just about having nothing in the frame, it is simply about isolating the subject that matters most be eliminating distracting elements.


This red moon asked for a photo last night.
So I took photos of it and this one just fits perfect in this weeks challenge for minimalist.



Week 25 Portrait: Silhouette
Expose for the background and let your subject fall into shadow. Shape is important this week.
Dale’s hint: A successful silhouette is all about controlling the light in the background. If the background is brighter than the subject, and the background exposed for properly, then the for ground falls into shadow


Had to post this one still, also made it during our weekend in Zandvoort.
Go find the bird silhouette in the sky 😉

I just didn’t want to cut the bird more because that would spoil the effect the sun gives together with the sea and the sand.


Week 26 Landscape: Simplify
Simply the scene to make your primary subject stand out.
Dale’s hint: This will be an easier week for most of you… or will it?


Yesterday during my evening walk on our weekend away to Zandvoort I saw this ship in the sea.
I thought it would be perfect for a simple landscape scene. I just love the sea.
This was also an amazing weekend full with family quality time, with lots of fun and nice weather.

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Week 20 Landscape: Night Owl
A tripod is going to be handy this week… time to shoot a night landscape. Look for some light for the scene! Car lights, city lights, or maybe just moonlight.


Last weekend in Amsterdam visiting a concert of Milow when we walked back to Central Station I made some night owl photos.
I liked this one the best with the lights and the boat in the water.

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