WEEK 22 Story: Geometric Shapes
Triangles, squares, and circles. They are all very strong compositional elements in an image. Find a way to use geometric shapes in your storytelling

Finally on holiday in Norway (what an amazing country by the way) I found the subject for week 22, geometric shapes in the Botanical Garden of the university in Bergen.




WEEK 19 Story: Back Yard
Tell the story of your immediate surroundings. Give us a glimpse into your daily life.

Back in week 19 my backyard was still boring.
I decided to wait till the sunflower started to bloom. Thought it would happen quicker, but this one decided to want to bigger as the tree I put it next too. So I had to wait and wait till it finally started to bloom.
On the right you see the leaves of the top of my walnut tree


WEEK 18 Artistic: Purple
Your inspiration this week is purple. Purple is the color of royalty, magic, and mystery

We visited the Keukenhof some time ago, but I never took the time to work on the photos till now. Thing is when you go to a park full with flowers thinking I need purple in my photo for the photo challenge, over half of my photos had purple in it. Difficult to choose which one to use for the challenge.
I choose the one above and the one below is the runner up.

As always we had a great day at the Keukenhof, so many pretty flowers and other things to take photos of.


WEEK 24 Artistic: Green
Your inspiration this week is green. Green is the color of life, nature, and hope.

I know I am way behind with this challenge, but I am trying to catch up when I can.
I saw this quick little fella some weeks back when we walked through the dunes. I knew he would be perfect for the green week of my photo challenge. Thing was, he didn’t like sitting still at all.
But I am very happy with the result of this photo.


DOGWOOD2017 PHOTOCHALLENGE WEEK 16 (exlopered on flickr)

Wow! My photo for explored on flickr! How cool is that?

WEEK 16 Story: leading Lines
Leading Lines are a very important compositional element that every photographer needs to master. Use leading lines to tell a story. No train tracks.

I know I know, there are train tracks in this photo.
But these are train tracks on a different level, to be exact the third level, since there are three levels with trains in Antwerp Central Station.

This was an amazing week, I saw leading lines everywhere. I liked that a lot.



WEEK 15 Artistic: Hard
Your artistic inspiration this week is hard. Hard is both an adjective and an adverb. Interpret this how you wish.

It was hard to choose what to use for this week.
I decided to use this floating boulder photo in the end. I also made close ups of it, but I like it more with the water in front of it.
What do you think?


Your inspiration this week is Still Life. A couple of pieces of fruit on a table won’t impress in the advanced challenge though… so really be creative.

I know I actually should take a still life photo inside.
But these flowers in Haarlem were asking to have their photo taken. Especially this white one with the sun shining through it.




Technical: Ten Shots
Shoot 10 shots of the same subject. Each shot should be from a different angle, distance, and focal length. Share your favorite image from the set.


Making a photo of a snowdrop is never easy I think.
So I used my ten shots for this. This is the best from the series of ten.
I like how it turned out with the snowdrop, the snow and the snow crystals on the leaves.