WEEK 26 Technical: Light Painting
Put your camera on a tripod at night, open the shutter for 30 seconds, and paint your subject with light. Flashlights, LED strips, and even laser pointers work great

I know technically I didn’t do what was asked for the theme of week 26, but I like this light picture so much, I just have to use it for that weeks theme.
Taken at the Queen + Adam Lambert concert in Dublin last week. Best concert ever!



WEEK 13 Story: Golden Hour
The golden hour is the hour before sunset or after sunrise when the sun casts amazing golden tones. Find a way to use the golden hour to tell a story

This photo I made a long time ago.
I was waiting till maybe a photo with a better story would come along for Golden Hour, but no, still not.
So I am using this one instead


WEEK 10 Story: Perspective
Perspective for the purpose of this challenge is the relationship of objects in the scene. If you really want a challenge this is a good chance to use forced perspective

Finally a change to take a good perspective photo during the Queen + Adam Lambert concert in Dublin, with Brian May in the air on the hand of Frank the robot.


WEEK 38 Technical: 50mm
Learn to sneaker zoom! Shoot an image using only the 50mm Focal Length. Either use a fixed 50mm lens or set your zoom lens to 50mm. Since this is the advanced challenge make sure the image is compelling

I know, I know this is a little more sneaker zoom as 50mm, but I like this photo so much I needed to use it for this theme


WEEK 42 Artistic: Music
Your inspiration this week is music. This is wide open so have fun with it

I thought I would have to wait a little longer to make a music photo, since we will going to some concerts next month.
But to my surprise I won tickets for the album release party of Jacqueline. So I could make this photo there (and some more)

It was a fantastic concert, what a voice she has. Wow!


WEEK 25 Story: Toy Story
Not the movie! Tell a story with toys or about toys. (Kind of like the movie…)

This gnome looks so innocent, but is he for real?
Or who else has cut the mushroom which lies in front of him?

I first saw this mushrooms last Sunday and I thought they were worth a photo.
But the next day their he was this gnome. Now I had to take a photo for real.



WEEK 30 Artistic: Family
In the last challenge you shot a family portrait. This time use family as your inspiration. Since this is the advanced challenge no people can be in the image

These stones, looked like little figures and they made me think of a family.
I took this photo at the Trollstigen viewpoint in Norway, during our holiday


WEEK 36 Artistic: Low Key
Low Key is the opposite of High Key. Shoot an image where most of the tonal range is on left side of the histogram.

Yesterday evening I went to the 24 hours walk against cancer in my village.
Which is called samen loop voor hoop in Dutch.
Impressive, especially with all the lights along the walking path.
There was also this heart made of the same lights. I just had to take a photo of it.

Finally I could make a low key photo I wanted to put up for this challenge