Straight out of the Camera. No Photoshop. Shoot a compelling image and post it without edits. No cheating! (Be sure and save the image file for the end of the challenge!)


There was snow today so I couldn’t resist taken some photos.
This is what I sent in for the challenge for week 2.

It is also works for me for the daily post challenge with as theme this week ambience

I just like walking around in a white world, especially with the sun shining from behind the clouds.



Dogwood2017 Photochallenge week 1

The rule of thirds is the first compositional rule most photographers learn; but most don’t know why they learn it. The rule of thirds is amazing for telling a story. Tell a story using rule of thirds.


A new year a new photo challenge. This is the advanced challenge made by Dogwood. I did his challenge last year and like it a lot, So I wanted to do the new for 2017 too.

I love you to the moon and back is one of my fave stories. But there are so many stories with the moon starring in it. You can even make a story of your own about it….

If you want to join look on the Dogwood photography challenge for 2017 page

It is now on Flickr, so I opened a Flickr account and I am discovering it in the last days. Will put a link to my flickr account in the links section of this blog.


Week 52 Portrait: Another Self Portrait
For your final challenge, we end where we started. Take one last self-portrait, and be amazed at how far you have come in a year.


Wow, I have done it! I made all the photos for the dogwood52 photochallenge.
Some weeks I thought I would never find a photo for, but finally I got inspiration or find the photo opportunity to make the right one.
I am going also to do the 2017 advanced challenge and I am looking forward to doing it.

More about the 2016 Dogwood challenge here:
And on facebook here:

And the new one for 2017 you can find here:

This new challenge is on flickr, so I made an account on there.


Week 46 Portrait: Backlit
The sun makes a great back light, as well as a flash. Don’t forget the fill light. A flash or reflector can be used to fill in the subject.
Dale’s Hint: The biggest challenge with back lit portraits is the exposure. Use the background to set your exposure then use fill light (flash or reflector) to bring the primary subject to the proper light level


This week wasn’t easy at all. First find a subject to take photos of.
Next for back light and using flash, without flashing out the back light.
I am happy with the result.


Week 37 Portrait: Fashion
Avant-garde to commercial to traditional, and everything in between. The focus is the clothes this week.
Dale’s Hint: There is a lot of room this week to be creative, but it almost all requires working with someone fashionable. If you don’t know a model, ask a fashionable friend!


Finally I found a model who would stand still and let me take a fashion photo.
Took the photo during the Amsterdam Light Festival.
This was a very hard challenge for me to make the photo for, but I am happy I got inspiration when I saw this model waiting for me to take a photo of her.


Week 49 Portrait: Dancing
Whether it’s a professional dancer, or just some kids in the street. Try experimenting with slow and fast shutter speed to both blur and freeze the subject.


The young girl dancing and having so much fun while looking at herself on the screen.
Great to see her enjoying the art from UK artists John bell called Enthalpy so much.


Week 50 Landscape: Often considered one of the hardest compositions to pull off, Symmetry.
Challenge yourself this week by shooting a symmetrical landscape/urbanscape.


The skinny bridge in Amsterdam with in the background the art called Nexus from the Amsterdam Light Festival.
It is representing the 180 cultures living in Amsterdam.
I know I should have placed that art in the middle of the bridge.
But can’t change that anymore now.


Week 51 Artistic: Art
It is time to really challenge yourself. Your artistic interpretation should be art, about art. So meta


Yesterday evening we visited the Amsterdam Light festival. First we did a trip by boat and after dinner we walked the illuminade.

During the boat trip I made this photo of the art: Bridge of the Rainbow by Frenchmen Gilbert Moity.
It came out this way thanks to the rain on the windows of the boat. Extra arty this way. I like it a lot.

The Amsterdam Light Festival was amazing as always. Liked lots of light art. First time we did the boat tour and see all the lights made for the boats too.


Week 36 Artistic: Food
Take your food photography to the next level. Its not lunch, its art


A photo from food was still on my to do list.
I thought I would have enough food to take a photo of today on the Christmas market we visited in Osnabrück and it sure was.
I actually wanted to go for a sweet owl, when I saw this food being roasted above the fire and knew this is the one.
So I made a photo of it.


The owl is cute, but not as good as the fire I think.
What do you think?


Week 48 Artistic: Bokeh
A shallow depth of field is often used to isolate the subject. Create an artistic interpretation using shallow depth of field.
Dale’s Hint: A shallow depth of field is really the best way to pull this off. Try adding some bright points of light (like Christmas lights) in the background!


It has been some time when I posted the photo in the week it was in the challenge.
I liked it a lot playing with my new Christmas star lights.
They give bokeh in the background and you can see them up close at the bottom of the photo.