DOGWOOD2017 PHOTOCHALLENGE WEEK 16 (exlopered on flickr)

Wow! My photo for explored on flickr! How cool is that?

WEEK 16 Story: leading Lines
Leading Lines are a very important compositional element that every photographer needs to master. Use leading lines to tell a story. No train tracks.

I know I know, there are train tracks in this photo.
But these are train tracks on a different level, to be exact the third level, since there are three levels with trains in Antwerp Central Station.

This was an amazing week, I saw leading lines everywhere. I liked that a lot.



2 thoughts on “DOGWOOD2017 PHOTOCHALLENGE WEEK 16 (exlopered on flickr)

  1. He Cin, Wat leuk dat je meedoet met deze foto-opdrachten. Dan kijk je veel bewuster om je heen, zo te horen. Omdat je toch telkens op zoek bent naar de volgende opdracht. En dan zie je dingen in een heel ander licht. Leuke foto weer!

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