Week 43 Portrait: The Elderly
Tell the story of an elderly person through the power of your camera. Capture the lines of their life.
Dale’s Hint: Concentrate on the story this week. Our elders have many.


It has taken me some time to make a photo of an elderly person with a story, but when I read the Midwinter horn group would start their season at the floating boulder close to my home I decided to make photos of that event.
Today it is the first day of the advent time and this also means the start of the midwinter horn season. They blow their horns till the 6th of January. The midwinter horn is an old tradition in the east of the Netherlands and some parts of Germany.

I like the sounds of the horn, this group of 18 persons (also some kids) is from my home village.
This also means that on some evenings you can hear their horns. They are blowing outside their homes at a certain time in the evening and another from their group answer from his home. Great sound, I like it.

The sound of the midwinter horn also fits in perfect with the daily post challenge of this week, It’s not this time of the year without…

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