Week 40 Portrait: Sitting in a Chair
Either a formal sitting portrait or a re-interpretation of this classic. Photography your subject sitting in a chair.
Dale’s Hint: After the last few weeks which have been pretty challenging, this one should be a nice easy break for those who have already submitted 39 other images in the challenge. Take a picture of someone sitting in a chair!


With Ronan sitting down during the acoustic set of his concert, my sitting in a chair portrait was an easy one.
Great concert, good to see him once again after such a long time.
Because we went to see him in Bochum Germany on a Saturday, we made it a weekend away.
Visited the Sealife in Oberhausen before we went to Bochum. It is always nice to go away for a weekend, it feels like a mini holiday.
And going to concert is always wonderful too.

Seeing Ronan again brought back so many memories from years ago. It was at least 10 years ago since I saw him live in concert I think.
Fits perfect for the daily post photo challenge nostalgia.

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