Week 29 Landscape: Waterscape
Ocean, lake, river, pond, or puddle. Make water the primary subject of this landscape.
Dale’s hint: Look for reflections!!!


Still catching up, now putting week 29 online.
This photo of the view at Dyrholaey is the water landscape photo I put in for the challenge, but I took so many photos with water on it in Iceland.

Like the one from the Stokkur Geyser. Also an amazing water thing to see happening. In this photo it just started and after this it went on higher and higher.


The photo of Dyrholaey also fits in this weeks challenge from the daily post called the edge

3 thoughts on “PHOTO CHALLENGE WEEK 29

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  2. Two beautiful photos of water. Love the Geyster one. I can imagine how high it went, and it must have been a magnificent sight. Hope you didn’t get wet from the water splashing around 😀

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