Week 18 Artistic: Texture
The artistic inspiration this week is texture. You should almost be able to feel the image.
Dale’s hint: Texture is everywhere! To really bring it out try lighting it from the side.


Pff, not an easy choice this week.
Went to the Keukenhof today and made lots of flower photos. Also was looking for photos for this weeks challenge, texture.
But there is texture everywhere!
Choose this one because of the colors. I loved it.


This was a runner up. Also colorful and it looks like there is a little animal on the flower, but that is just part from the flower itself.


Another runner up. Liked the “hairs” on this flower.

More about the dogwood challengehere:

And on facebook here:


4 thoughts on “PHOTO CHALLENGE WEEK 18

  1. Hai Cin, Wat leuk die Photo Challenge. Dan kijk je heel anders naar dingen. En elke week een andere Challenge, dus elke week met andere ogen. En wat een mooie foto’s weer. Zo te zien was het heel mooi in de Keukenhof. Ga je elk jaar?
    Fijne week (vakantie toch?)!
    Groetjes, Miranda

    • Hoi, nee niet helemaal vakantie deze week, vandaag gewoon gewerkt.
      We gaan niet elk jaar naar de Keukenhof, maar we zijn er al wel vaker geweest.
      Groetjes terug

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