Week 7: Feb 12 – Feb 18
Week 7 Portrait: Faceless
Tell someone’s story without showing their face.
Dale’s hint: Portraiture is really about telling a person’s story, not just showing what the look like. Our faces tell so much, but when they aren’t visible you have to find another way. Using the environment the subject is in is a great way to tell the story without showing their face. Silhouettes are another option


I know I am late with this photo, but I didn’t make a nice faceless photo till yesterday.
So finally my faceless photo for the challenge, or actually a double faceless photo as there is another face on the camera.
Made this photo of a friend of mine during our walk through Zwolle. We did the Hanze walk and saw nice buildings and even art during our walk.
We also visited the Sassenpoort and went up it.