Photo challenge week 5

Week 5: Jan 29 – Feb 5 Landscape: Black and White.
Look for a scene with great contrast that will make a great black and white.
Dale’s hint: Black and White landscapes are all about contrast. Look for a scene that has a good amount of contrast in it. Shooting during the “Golden Hour” is very important during B@W Landscape because the shadows during the last hour of the day are long and beautiful.

I had the idea of this photo or a photo with the mill in my village in my head.
But when I went to the house just outside my village the sky was blue without clouds. Fifteen minutes earlier the sky did have clouds. Normally a blue sky would be nice, but it is just less nice in a black and white photo. The photo would have been even better with some clouds in it. But I can’t change that.
And I liked this photo of the house with the symmetry in it, a lot.