Photo challenge week 4

Jan 22 – Jan 28 Portrait: Headshot
You shot a selfie, now shoot a “selfie” of someone else!
Dale’s hint: Headshots are all about showing the subject without distraction. Look for simple backgrounds, and remove distracting elements. Backgrounds can also help tell the story, just don’t distract from the main subject. A headshot should tell the viewer who the person is one sentence. (Interpret this literally or figuratively).

This I find a difficult one. Portraits are not really my thing. I tried to find a volunteer, but no luck.
I also looked around whole week to find an animal from which I could take a good headshot, but no luck either.

So today I tried some things out with stuffed animals and other decoration things in my house and this is the result.


I actually like the next one better, but in that one the focus is more on the heart as on the head.