Review: George R.R. Martin – a Game of thrones

Somebody said to me this is a dark story and yes it is.
Is their humor in it? No
Is there fantasy in it? Yes
Is it a long story? Yes
Is it a finished story? No
Can you read it as a stand alone? Not really, because you want to know what is going to happen next.

I have to say I had to get used to every chapter being told from the point of view of a different person. And in the beginning with some chapters I had to think who is this again? The daughter from? The brother from? Connected too?

There is a lot happening in the book and with some things I am not happy, even sad about. I guess that is good, since it means you are into the story while you read it. With other things I was like yes, finally!
And I have a weak point for the direwolves and was hoping that was happening in the last chapter did happen. So because of that I am looking forward to read book two in this series. And to see what is going to happen to my fave characters.