In België ben ik meerdere keren geweest toen ik nog jong was. Daarna ben ik er een tijd niet meer geweest, maar het is een land met mooie plekjes. De foto’s ervan vind je terug in de map België. De foto die je hier ziet is gemaakt in Antwerpen.

When I was young I have been to Belgium more than once. After that I didn’t go for some time, but it is a nice country with lovely places. The photos from it you can see in the folder Belgium. The photo you see here I made in Antwerp.

X Cindy

2 thoughts on “België

  1. Lovely photo! I have never been to Belgium. I bet it’s a nice place though. There are so many places I would like to visit, and so little time and money.😀

  2. Belgium is indeed nice as you can see when you click on the link and have a look on the other photos I made there.

    I know what you mean with wanting to visit so many places, but so little time and money. But thanks to my last holiday I can get 2 places of my want to visit list.😉

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