Week 12 Technical Macro
Life is in the details. Get in close and show us the details we usually miss. You don’t need a macro lens to shoot a macro shot.

Macro, I love taking macro photos of flowers.
But this is a challenge, so I decided to step out of my comfort zone and try some other macro’s.
This is the one I choose to share on here.
Yes I know there is a spiderweb in it, but I like it this way better as without the spiderweb.


Week 11 Composition: Negative Space
Minimize the composition to isolate your subject. The composition should be simple, thereby drawing your viewer to the subject.

This what came into my mind with this weeks challenge.
Dark can be negative, but it is nice to have a light to brighten up the dark.


Week 10 Vision: Selective Color
I know, I know. Yuck. Selective color can be cringeworthy, however, when done right, it brings compelling focus to the subject.

When I knew we were going to visit the Orchideeënhoeve again this leaf came in my mind from last time.
And lucky for me there was another big leaf to take a photo from to use for this week.
I like the way the sun is shining through it.



Week 9 Creative: Forsaken
Abandoned and Forgotten were favorites in the past. Let’s revisit the idea the idea this year with forsaken.

And my entry for forsaken week for this years challenge

Saw this old machine at the orchid farm we visited this weekend.
Great place with lots of things to take a photo from.


week 7 Story: Forgotten
Abandoned was a very popular week in the original challenge. For the advanced challenge tell the story of something forgotten.

Catching up on last years challenge, finally my forgotten week.

I forgot how it was to stand on ice?
No I had the change again.


Week 8: Technical: Zoom Burst
By changing the focal length during long exposure you can add movement to your photograph, producing leading lines within your frame.

This wasn’t an easy week, since my camera wouldn’t let me do a zoom burst.
So I did it manual or by hand. That wasn’t easy but these two are the results I like the best.
Above the one I entered for the challenge, but down the one I liked too, so I share it with you on here also.
Which one do you like the most?


WEEK 7 Composition: Fill the Frame
Fill the frame with your subject, no background. You will need to get up close and personal, or use a good zoom lens

I know I know, there is a little bit of black in the background, but cropping more, would have thrown away the effect and I liked this photo the best for this week.


WEEK 5 Wildcard: Photographer’s Choice
Capture an image on your terms; who, what, where, when, why, how … it’s all up to you. Caveat: You must tell us your intent

The night before we had a super blue moon, but when I had time to take a photo of it, it just looked like a normal moon.
So the night after I went out and took more moon photos. This is the one which I like the most.

You can find another one on my instagram page.