WEEK 50 Technical: Full Edit
Use the SOOC shot from the beginning of the challenge and re-edit it to it’s full glory. If that shot isn’t available feel free to re-edit any of your past work

I do edit my photos, but I keep it simple.
With this photo I tried different things even black and white, but this version I liked the best.



WEEK 45 Artistic: Cold
Your inspiration this week is cold. Interpret this how you want.

This wasn’t what I planned to take when I left my home. I was planning to take a blue hour photo.
But when I reached the tree, it had started snowing more and the blue was gone and the sky was grey.
So I took my cold photo instead.



WEEK 32 Technical: HDR
HDR is the technique of combining several photos of the same scene but shot at different exposures to create an image with a High Dynamic Range

HDR works perfect for this photo, otherwise the window would be or to bright, or the stairs and the books to dark.
Taken at the old Library at Trinity college in Dublin Ireland after visiting the book of kells.


WEEK 26 Technical: Light Painting
Put your camera on a tripod at night, open the shutter for 30 seconds, and paint your subject with light. Flashlights, LED strips, and even laser pointers work great

I know technically I didn’t do what was asked for the theme of week 26, but I like this light picture so much, I just have to use it for that weeks theme.
Taken at the Queen + Adam Lambert concert in Dublin last week. Best concert ever!


WEEK 13 Story: Golden Hour
The golden hour is the hour before sunset or after sunrise when the sun casts amazing golden tones. Find a way to use the golden hour to tell a story

This photo I made a long time ago.
I was waiting till maybe a photo with a better story would come along for Golden Hour, but no, still not.
So I am using this one instead


WEEK 10 Story: Perspective
Perspective for the purpose of this challenge is the relationship of objects in the scene. If you really want a challenge this is a good chance to use forced perspective

Finally a change to take a good perspective photo during the Queen + Adam Lambert concert in Dublin, with Brian May in the air on the hand of Frank the robot.